This is travel blog. Not the usual travel blog though. I am on a different kind of journey.

I have decided to understand tech startups. Every aspect of them. How to build them. How to manage them. How to support them. How to invest in them. How to make money from them.

In my resolve to understand tech startups I study everything. History, evolutionary biology, psychology, economics, philosophy and things that don’t have names.

My journey started when I founded my first tech startup in 2006. It was a humbling experience. I lost all of my investor’s money. Later, I did more startups and more mistakes. But in the process I also did some things right and managed to make money.

Currently, I am on the investor side. I do seed investments for Accelerace Invest in Copenhagen. I also sit on boards and do workshops and key notes. I am learning so much.

Lately I have decided share my journey. It is a mental journey of new learnings, revelations, ideas and conclusions.

I hope it will help you on your own quest. David Ventzel

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey I just bumped into your blog. Pretty good stuff.

    But you made a little typo on this page. 2nd paragraph, 3rd sentence. I’m sure you meant “How to build them”.

    Thought I’d let you know. Great stuff though!


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